Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kinda , Sorta Faith

I have copied and pasted the following from the weekly email that I get from church. David Friedli is an associate pastor there and he wrote this. Our service sunday also followed the same pattern. Have you ever sat in church and had a feeling they were directing the message toward you? I definately did sunday so I thought I would share.

"This Sunday we are going to talk about a guy who had a "Kinda, Sorta Faith”. You know the kind of faith I'm talking about. It's that “I’ll Talk" and "Maybe I'll Walk" kind of faith. The kind of faith where you say, "Yeah, I'll get out of the boat and walk on water with you, Jesus." But as you’re stepping out of the boat, you reach for a life jacket, snorkel, flippers and ask if the water is cold. That's the "Kinda, Sorta Faith" I'm talking about. The kind of faith that says, I'm going to start my walk with Jesus, but I think I'll take a cab. The "Kinda, Sorta" faith that might look good hanging in an art gallery, but you wouldn't hang it on "The Cross”.

Have you ever prayed for a miracle in your life, but prayed like Jesus couldn't/wouldn't do it? I mean, you know He can do it but you wonder if He will. Or maybe you want to believe, but you just don't have the faith right now. You want to believe, but you're just not sure you can. If you can picture yourself in this scenario, you need to be here Sunday.

In James 2:14 we get a good description of "Kinda, Sorta Faith”. It says, "What good is it, if you say you have faith but don't show it by your actions?" After all the miracles Peter saw with his own eyes, he denied knowing Christ three times that fateful night. He kinda, sorta chickened out. His actions showed his faith that night. When things got thick, Peter thinned out. Although Peter's faith did turn around (he eventually died for Christ while spreading the Good News) at one time, he had that kinda, sorta faith that we can all relate to. The bible is full of people with that kinda, sorta faith, but it also has people whose faith never wavered. I personally didn't know any of those kinds of people, but I'm going to tell you about someone I did know.

I want to tell you a story about faith where the words "Kinda" and "Sorta" won't apply. I had a sister named Utizann; we called her Pud. With a name like that, you can understand why we called her Pud. My sister was one of the sweetest, kindness, calmest persons I've ever known. She just went with the flow. Her heart was as big as the love she had for her two children. She was always a good person, but when she turned her life over to Christ, I got to wittiness a faith that most of us just read about.

My sister got a divorce in her early forties after an abusive marriage. She walked out leaving behind everything they had worked for. And trust me, she left behind a lot. She had only her clothes and her special needs daughter, who at the time was 21 years old. They moved into an apartment. She also had a son, who was married and on his own at the time. Not long after she started her new life, she discovered a lump in one of her breasts. She went to the doctor and had it removed, and of course, it was cancerous. During all the chemo and radiation she still continued to work and take care of her daughter, Cindy. I never heard my sister say, "Why me Lord?" I did hear my sister say that God would see her and Cindy through the storms of life. Her faith never wavered.

I want to fast forward eight years from the time they removed the lump until the day she went home to be with her Father. I do want you to know that during those eight years, my sister prayed a lot of prayers on Cindy's behalf. I also want to share my sister's faith with you. The last time I saw my sister alive was about 10 hours before she went Home. She was struggling to breathe before the medicine eased her struggle. I'll never forget what she said to my mother before the medicine took effect. "I'm ready to go Mamma, and God will watch over Cindy."

My sister had lived with our mother for the last six years of her life. On the day my sister died, my mother and I were straightening up her room. There was a journal on her night stand next to her bed. I picked it up and began to read some of her entries. They all ended asking God to watch over Cindy and her son Rob. As I continued to read her journal, I think my sister knew her time on earth was coming to an end. She was trusting God to watch over and take care of Cindy in a special way. It was obvious as I continued to read her precious thoughts. She didn't "Kinda, Sorta" ask God to take care of Cindy. She didn't "Kinda, Sorta" have faith that God would answer her prayers in her journal. She believed it, and she claimed it.

It's been almost 12 years since my sister died. I have some good news and some bad news I want to share with you. The good news is that Cindy has now been happily married for over seven years. She has a regular job at Krogers in Bellevue. She loves the church that she and Jim attend, and God continues to bless them. My sister’s son, Rob, is happily married, has a good job, and attends church regularly. He is also a Vanderbilt fan. But there is some bad news that I have to tell you. Cindy, Rob, and I don't "Kinda, Sorta" miss Pud. We miss her like the faith that she had in her Jesus. We miss her completely and totally.

This Sunday bring your "Kinda, Sorta" faith to church with you. Think about what do you need God to do in your life? You'll get an opportunity to trade that kinda faith in, for the "I Am with You Completely and Totally" kinda faith. This is going to be great, and you don't want to miss it."


Anonymous said...

Well, I completely know what you're talking about Holly. I'm glad you're going to church again. it really helps. I know someone who should listen and not have a "kinda sorta faith" if ya know what i mean. This was by far my favorite blog. it had a lot of meaning behind it.

Amy Call said...

Okay, So i am sitting at work with tears in my eyes after reading this. I wish I lived in Nashville. I would have gone. Thanks for adding some inspiaration to my day. I think I will be in church on sunday. Happy Halloween!!!