Thursday, September 27, 2007

Update time..

Okay so it has been a bit since I posted a new blog so here is a quick family update. Hannah is officially 8 years old! Her birthday was the 21st.

Kristen and Little Brian are doing well. Nothing major to report there which if you know us that is good,lol.

Brian and I are also good. Just working hard. I went to the orthodontist tuesday for a consultation and had braces put on my lower teeth this morning! Yes they are metal and I will have them for close to a year but they dont show much when I talk so that is good.

I will try to get some pictures up later!


Rachel said...

Ugh! Braces no fun...sorry!! =)
Glad all is well at your house.

Lea Ann said...

I agree, braces are no fun! Feel sorry for you...glad all is well at the Cart house!

Rachel said...

Oh by the way...Happy Belated Bday to Hannah!