Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fun at the Dentist, Ha!

As most of the 2 or 3 people who will actually read this know I work at a dental office. However when it comes to taking my 3 kids in for an appointment I have the same fears as any other mother. On our way in this morning I made sure to tell them that they better behave or else. I asked them if they knew what the "or else" was and they said yes even though I myself wasnt quite sure what it would be. So they come in this morning and the girls get their teeth cleaned while Brian plays in the waiting room. He is only here to show off his smile to the dentist and get a new toy from the toy box, which I have to say he did fantastic. Hannah did great and did not have any cavities. Kristen did not get the good news that the other two got. She had a baby tooth that was getting loose and had gotten infected. She knew what that meant and she was not happy. So after sending the other two back to the baby sitters house, Kristen got to stay and have her tooth pulled. Because of my career choice I had to stay in the room and assist with this procedure. All I have to say is there is nothing fun about watching your child get a tooth pulled by the dentist. I work for a great dentist who is very gentle but it still is a very scary thing for a child to go through and unfortunately this was the second time my baby has had this happen. Why do these teeth keep getting infected when they are getting loose? I really don't know , but hopefully this will be the last. SO that about sums up my first time having all three of my kids at the dentist at the same time.


Rachel said...

Oh poor Kristen! Ouch! C'mon mom couldn't you do something, I mean you work there! lol

Lea Ann said...

I feel sorry for her- I hope she's not hurting... that had to be hard to watch.