Thursday, September 13, 2007

A dog named Biscuit

Little Brian was at the babysitter's house yesterday and she told him that a friend of hers got a new dog and its name was Biscuit. Little Brian was looking out the front door when the friend was walking Biscuit and the conversation between him and the Mrs. Hodge went a little like this.

M.H- "Look Brian, there is Biscuit"
B-starts fussing and says "Nooooo"
M.H- "What is wrong B, she is just walking Biscuit."
B- getting even madder, "Noooooooooo"
M.H- turning to pick him up while he is throwing a full on fit now, "what is wrong with you, B?'
B- Finally stops crying long enough to explain. "Not a Biscuit, A dog!"

Hahaha, he is too smart!


Travis and Lea Ann said...

That's so funny!!! He is smart!!

Rachel said...

haha! smart boy!